An Optical Day.

It was a beautiful morning, no wind, a nice cold breeze. I had to take my new bike out for a spin! As I cycled threw the town, I noticed a shadow next to me. No one was around. I look up into the trees and I see someone, or something blocking the sun. I stopped my bike for a minute, or two… And I spotted a person, literally biking on the leafs! It was a girl with long brown hair, and a yellow shirt. At first I thought I was losing my mind, then I followed the girl further down the street. The girl  got off her bike and, looked down at me, and she looked like everything was fine.

The girl hopped right back on her bike and  left. I told myself ‘’I must be day dreaming.’’ She left into the woods, I had to solve this. So I went in the forest, ‘’she has a shirt as yellow as the sun, hoe hard could this be?’’ I finally found her after one hour ,or two later… The girl looked at me, and said ‘’ how did you get down there?’’ She said. In my mind I had the same question ‘’ how did you get up there?’’ I asked. And the without an answer she left… That was the last time I saw her…

This painting was made by Rob Gonslaves.

Autumn Cycling.

If I Could Own A Store!


Hey guys i’m back here, and today ill be telling you guys what I would do if I owned a store. I’d like to own Costco because most of the time when you work somewhere you should get around 30% off everything that you buy. And at Costco no matter what even if you don’t work there the price is reduced, so I would work there so I get …% off, and plus there is already some discounts. So at some point it will be free. I mean come on guys who doesn’t like free stuff? Right? And also I’d own the Costco so I’d do whatever I want with it but I would to keep it in business.  And also at Costco there’s bikes, miniature cars for smaller kids, and cool new toys and stuff basically that comes in brand new every week! Well I find it would be pretty cool I could just mess around with all of those cool things! If you’ve went to Costco you’d know what I mean. I hope you guys liked my ideas for the store I would own you guys can tell me which store you would own bye!



The Way To Make A Great Comment!

Do you ask your self sometimes “What would make a good comment?” Well that’s why I’m here today. I’ll be helping you  make comments like a wizard!

First you need to read through the post that you want to comment on. Once you’ve read through the post, think about what you want to say.

When you’re finished writing the comment leave a link to your blog so they  can go see your blog too! Fourth, you can think of ways to say bye! Like: see you next time or good bye. Well – you know what I mean.

So you’ve done your comment and you’ve left a link to your blogging site. Then you just press ” Post Comment” then you’redone!


I’ve been making comments too! Here are some examples!


Hi Callum!

Ash Online Callum!

Thank you for your safety tips for internet issues!


Ash Online

Hi Stella!

Ash Online Stella!

Thank you for the good tips on how to make a good comment!


Hi Aaron!

Nice design And thank you for leaving the site name!




My Youtube Channel!

Hi guys! I’m back here to talk about my YouTube Channel. Sadly my teacher won’t allow me to say the name. So, let’s just get to the point. I’m here today to tell you what I do and how I do it with what equipment.

On my Channel I post videos of my everyday life, so it’s like my second blog! I post these videos when there is something interesting to talk about, like my birthday party, the zoo, and many more…

To make these videos I use either my IPhone, my computer, or my camera!

Iqbal’s Famous Story

Today I’ll be starting something new called a Book Blurb. The first book that I’ll be reviewing is called Iqbal. Iqbal is a story about kids that work at brick factories or carpet making places to pay off their debts. That is called child labor. I searched up some themes for Iqbal and it said hope I agree with that but I also think that another theme would be: loss. I think it would be loss because he lost his parents when he went to help the pay off their debts at Eshan Khan`s carpet factory.

The way that the author wrote the story was well writing like the words, and the sentences makes sense. When I mean ‘’sentences makes sense’’ I mean that its like not riddles like in movies based on a book, or just a book out there. And also this story is based on a true story of a kid that works like that actually a lot of kids in this story work this way. I liked this book because there is a lot of adventures, and mysteries, and suspense. And that was my first Book Blurb, and ill be doing more of them.

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The Adventures Of Reading!


I like a lot the library! I like the library because I like reading, learning, adventures, etc… I like reading because its like if having a conversation whit my book! I like learning because I like discovering new things about: Dinosaurs, Pokémon, Animals, Insects, Dragons, and many more!

I like adventures because: I like traveling, and I like traveling because I like to discover new regions of the world, and I like meeting new creatures. But the places where I would like to go the most is probably: Ireland, and Japan. Why you may ask? Well Ireland because my last name is Irish. And because a lot of my family come from there. And Japan because I have many friends and siblings from there, also if you didn’t know Pokémon were created there so ill probably get many gifts from my friends and family! I always love all regions of the world. To the coldest to the hottest places. So all of that just to say I love the Library, and books!

The Most Flexible Animal!

chon2_1158-toHi! I`m back and today I`m going to be talking about one of my favorite animal its probably cats but you guys probably know about them, so ill talk about my 3rd favorite animal Furrets. Furrets are so cute, and cool you guys can get them as pets you can bring them out for a walk fun fact about furrets.

Furrets are the most flexible mammal one earth because they don`t have bones in there stomach thats why there so flexible and if you have a rat or mouse problem they can take care of it. They actually love mise or rats they are hunters to and they`re very good at it! But watch out they can sneek in very very small spaces because of there amount of bones they have. My Dad had one and he liked them a lot! They are great animals or pets! If you guys like them tell me or tell whats your favorite animals or if you like ferrets! BYE!

Image Source: Google.

My Wonderful Day!

Today I`m going tell you what I would do if I had a perfect day! Well I would start by playing in the morning whit my friends. Then when all my friends left me and my family would go in my pool for 1 hour. We would play Marko Polo together. Then me and my dad would go out and play some Pokemon GO together. Then we would come back home around 2:00 pm. We would have some Irish stou for super in front of the TV and we would whacht “The Angry Birds“. Then at 9:00 pm at night me and my dad would sneek out of the house and play Pokemon GO again. Around 10:00 pm we would come back and  reach level 20! And get a hole lot of cool and new Pokemon! So i`m done don`t forget to tell me your perfect day! So see ya next time!

Pokemon Cards.

Hi guys its Ash and today I`m ganna talk about one of my favorite type of collectable cards! My favorite type of cards are probably the Pokemon Cards. I’ve been collecting Pokemon cards sens 1 month now so you can call it new to me! I have a lot of good Pokemon  cards like: Lugia, Pichu, Delphox, etc. And Pokemon GO got me into a lot of new stuff like the Pokemon cards, the actual games, etc. So tell me what are your Pokemon cards or if you like Pokemon.

Image source: Wikipedia.